Wine and Greens Matzah Cover


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Wine and Greens is a cotton matzah cloth and pillow cover set for the Pesach Seder table. It is a colorful design in which rows of many cups of wine represent the four cups we each must drink at the Seder. The leaf and tears motif represents the bitter herb and salt water we eat at the Seder to recall that we were slaves in Egypt.

The four cups of wine that we drink at the Seder are called the “four cups of freedom.” They have also been called the “four cups of redemption”. Under the first row of wine cups, the Hebrew text refers to the four cups and what they symbolize. The following phrases refer to the recurring sets of four at the seder, such as the Ma Nishtana, the four questions. The second row of images is of bitter herbs and tears to represent the suffering of slavery and the symbolic dipping of bitter herbs into salt water at the Seder. Below this row of greens is a line from the Ma Nishtana about the two dippings we do in the Seder service. What follows are quotes from the Haggadah about how we were slaves in Egypt and that now we are now free men. Under the second row of wine cups is the beginning of the kiddush over the wine which we say at the Seder. Under the second row of greens and tears are phrases from different texts and prayers that speak of redemption and redeemer. To close the design is a row of wine glasses. Wine and Greens is hand silk screened in three colors on cotton.

The Matzah Cover Size is 40 x45 cm

To buy as a 2-piece set