Exodus Pillow Cover


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Exodus leaning pillow cover for Passover Seder

Exodus is a signed and limited-edition heirloom pillow case for leaning at the Seder table. It is hand painted in seven colors and hand silk screened in three colors. Each pillow cover is signed and numbered from 1/300 to 300/300.  On the back of the pillow cover at the top is a sleeve for easy mounting and display during the year.

“Exodus” gathers various words and images of the Seder and Haggadah and weaves them into a whimsical design that tells the story of the Exodus from Egypt. On the top line of the design are hand painted spring flowers, that both mark the season of spring and one of the names of the holiday, Festival of Spring. The second line contains images that represent the order of the seder. Under this line begins the Magid of the Haggadah, the retelling of the story of how the Jews came down to Egypt. In the following line of illustration are Jacob’s family on coming down to Egypt on camels. The next line follows with images of the years of bondage, the toil and the building of the pyramids.

When a new Pharaoh rises to rule Egypt, he declares that the first born of the Israelites should be killed. The line following the pyramids illustrates the bullrushes that Moses’ basket was hidden in, to protect him from the Pharaoh’s edict. Among the bullrushes, crawl ladybugs. This is a reference to a word play on “Porat Moshe Rabinu”, a term which means “ladybug” in Hebrew.

What follows is the story of Moses. Aaron’s rod becomes a snake which consumes Pharaoh’s sorcerers’ snakes. In reference to the plague of frogs, the next line contains images of frogs along with the words to the children’s song, ”Frogs here, frogs there”. What follows is a description of the Hebrews marking their doorposts with blood and the angel of death passing over their houses while the Egyptian first born are killed.  The next lines contain text and images of dipping bitter herbs, then cups of wine and the words to the Kiddush over the wine.  The last lines of the artwork cite the various names of Pesach. The bottom line of the piece is a row of matzot.

Exodus pillow case for leaning pillow and wall hanging 70 x50 cm