Chana Cromer

Born in Italy and grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, USA
Immigrated to Israel in 1972
Married Gerald Cromer in 1973
Mother of Maayan, Ariel, Elisha and Adam

Chana Cromer, a resident of Jerusalem, was born in Italy to parents who survived the Holocaust, was raised in Kansas City in the USA and immigrated to Israel in 1972. She received her BA in literature at Washington University in St. Louis and her MAT at Boston College. At Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, she received her BFA in 1982, studied printmaking at Pratt Institute, and textile printing at Philadelphia College of the Arts. Concurrent with her artwork, she does synagogue textiles, as well as having taught for many years as a teacher and lecturer in high schools and colleges. In the last ten years, both Melila Eshed – Hellner and Rabbi Daniel Epstein have been inspiring teachers for her art.

1968 B.A. in English literature, Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri
1969 MA in English literature and education, Boston College, Boston
1982 BFA at Bezalel Art Institute, Jerusalem
1979-80 Studied printmaking with Claire Romano at Pratt Institute, New York
1988 Studied textile surface design, Philadelphia College of the Arts, Philadelphia, USA
1994-99 Studied Biblical and Talmudic texts at Beit Midrash Elul, Jerusalem

Selected one-person shows
2006-07 “The Story of Joseph: Unveiling the Text”, Yeshiva University Museum, New York
2007-08 “From Dreams to Revelation”, Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus Campus, Jerusalem
2008 “Cloth and Staff”, The Other Gallery, Talpiot College, Tel Aviv
2012 “Renewal”, Kehilat Yedidyah Gallery, Jerusalem
2012 “Trembling of Wings”, Beit Shmuel Gallery, Jerusalem
2014 “I Dreamed a Dream”, Matan Gallery, Jerusalem
2014 “The Texture of the Text,” Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem
2016 “Illumination” צוהר, Kehilat Yedidyah Gallery, Jerusalem
2018 “Bone of My Bones” עצם מעצמי, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem
2019 “The Blue the Purple and the Scarlet”, Kol Haot Gallery, Jerusalem

Selected group shows
2000 “Judaica 2000”, A Show of Hands Contemporary Gallery, Toronto, Ontario
2000 “Liturgical Textiles”: Convergence 2000, Cincinnati, Ohio
2001 “Gerrycan: Vessels”, House of Quality, Jerusalem
2002 Representative of Israel,“18th International Tapestry Symposium” Graz, Austria
2006 “Civilization and Discontent: 150 Years Since the birth of Freud”, Begin Heritage Center,
2007 “Body in Mind” International Surface Design Association, Kansas City
2008 In Four Languages: Contemporary Calligraphy at Kehilat Yedidyah, Jerusalem
2009 “Cut” 25th Anniversary Textile Exhibit, Graz, Austria
2011 “Under the Jerusalem Sky: Contemporary Art for the Jewish Soul”, Nikola Rukaj Gallery, Toronto
2013 “Freedom”, Museum of ImaJewnation, St. Louis, Missouri
2013 “First Biennial of Jewish Art”, Hechal Shlomo Gallery, Jerusalem
2013 “Nature and Culture”, European Jewish Culture Day, Attenweiler Gallery, Attenweiler, Germany
2014 “Women in Judaism”, European Jewish Culture Day, Museo Omero, Ancona, Italy
2014 “The Other”, Wolfson Museum, Hechal Shlomo, Jerusalem
2014 ” Twenty-five Years of Elul”, The First Station Gallery, Jerusalem
2015 “Transparent Opaque”, Biennial of Jewish Art, Skirball Museum, Jerusalem
2017 “Diaspora”, European Culture Day, Attenweiler Gallery, Germany
2017 “Opening”, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem 
2018 “Noise”, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem
2018 “Wolfson Museum, Hechal Shlomo Jerusalem
2018 “Plastic Arts”, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem
2019 “Dress’, Agripas 12 and Marie Galleries, Jerusalem
2019 “And there was evening and there was morning”, Marie Gallery, Jerusalem

1981-82 Teaching assistant, paper-making studio, Bezalel Art Institute, Jerusalem
1982-85 Instructor, design, Department of Photography, Hadassah Community College
1992-1996 Established and coordinated art department, Torah Arts High School, Jerusalem
1994- Instructor, art/text workshops at various institutions including Beit Midrash Elul,
Orot College, Lindenbaum College
1998-2000 Committee for Art Education in the Religious School System, Department of Education, Jerusalem
1995-2002 Examiner for art matriculation projects, Jerusalem
2004-2011 Lecturer, Department of Jewish Art, Bar Ilan University Ramat Gan

Selected Grants
2001-2002 AWE workshop, sponsored by Bronfman Fellowships in Israel
2003-2004 Fellowship Grant, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, New York
2005-2006 Fellowship Grant, Memorial Foundation for Jewish Culture, New York
2008 Brandeis Research Award, Brandeis University, Waltham, Massachusetts
2008 Fanya Gottesfeld – Women’s studies – Bar Ilan University, Ramat Gan

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