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Corona Collectibles: “In the Desert” Mask

By early May, I realized that the Corona virus would be joining us for my grandson’s Bar Mitzvah.
As his Torah portion was “BaMidbar”, or “In the Desert”,
I created these Corona Masks with a desert theme, all in a playful variety of fabrics and colors.
Popular demand had led me to offer them to the general public as well.

Fully adjustable, they are 22 cm wide, folding down from 21 cm. high to a compact 9.5 cm. All are hand silk screened 100% cotton, with separate patterns on front and reverse. The fronts come in four basic colors: white, royal blue, turquoise, and navy.
Price: $25
Shipping:  In Israel: $5 dollars (up to three masks).
                   Abroad: $25 dollars express (up to five masks) 7 to 10 days delivery.

Turquoise Desert
(leaf batik on reverse)

White Desert
(tan-brown on reverse)

Blue Desert
(floral batik on reverse)

Navy Desert
(floral batik on reverse)

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