1986  – “Paper Landscapes”, Cafe Ta’amon, Jerusalem
1987  –  “The Discarded Object”, American Cultural Center, Jerusalem
1999  –  “the hollow of his thigh”, The Small Room, Elul, Jerusalem
2004  –  “Covering, Uncovering: Textiles in the Story of Joseph”,
Rabinovitz Gallery, Joseph Slifka Center for Jewish Life
Yale University, New Haven
2006-07   – “The Story of Joseph: Unveiling the Text”, Yeshiva University
Museum, New York
2007-08  –  “From Dreams to Revelation”, Hebrew University, Mt. Scopus
Campus, Jerusalem
2008  –  “Cloth and Staff”, The Other Gallery, Talpiot College, Tel Aviv
2012  –  “Renewal”, Kehilat Yedidyah Gallery, Jerusalem
2013  –  “Trembling of Wings”, Beit Shmuel Gallery, Jerusalem
2014  – “I Dreamed a Dream, Matan Gallery, Jerusalem
2014  –  “The Texture of the Text, Yakar Gallery, Jerusalem.

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